Shanghai - China

Growth and ecological responsibility.

Both LANXESS production sites for inorganic pigments in Shanghai are setting benchmarks for technology and sustainability.

Today more than ever, China is a symbol for progress, economic growth and a population that is increasingly looking for quality. The latter in particular is being reflected in the production and use of products with increasingly high quality standards. However, China has been an appealing business location for LANXESS Inorganic Pigments for quite some time. Indeed, high-quality Bayferrox® iron oxide pigments have been manufactured in the Taopu district of Shanghai since 1996. The mixing and milling plant for the production of inorganic pigments was LANXESS first production site in China.

In 2008, LANXESS acquired a production facility in Jinshan for manufacturing yellow pigments. That was the only way to achieve independence in the provision of raw materials and thus ensure the sustainable production of quality products. Following a great deal of improvement work and the systematic expansion of capacities, the plant was able to operate at full capacity beginning in 2010. Today, the LANXESS site in Jinshan is the largest and most modern production facility for iron oxide yellow pigments in China. It has a cutting-edge waste gas treatment system and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment processes that have won numerous accolades from the supervisory authorities.

In 2010, the LANXESS site was able to expand further and supplement yellow pigment production by taking into operation a plant for manufacturing high-quality black pigments. This plant is used to produce the bluish and intense blacks currently growing in popularity on the global market. The addition of the new facility means that LANXESS can now supply its customers worldwide with high-quality Bayferrox® pigments from Asia’s most advanced iron oxide plant.

Like all the other LANXESS Inorganic Pigments production sites, the plants in China are also certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These certifications serve to ensure compliance with high environmental standards and consistently high reliability in quality, processes and supply. The facility in Jinshan is one of the first in China to be equipped with a cutting-edge wastewater treatment unit connected upstream of the Jinshan Industrial Park’s industrial treatment plant. Thanks to this closed-loop wastewater treatment unit, far less wastewater is produced compared to many other production facilities in the region.

At LANXESS Inorganic Pigments, economic growth and ecological responsibilities go hand in hand in China, just as they do around the world.