Technical Oxides

For technical applications, LANXESS offers the comprehensive Bayoxide® E and Bayoxide® C range of pigments that have been developed for very diverse markets, industries and requirements.

With these products, color plays a subordinate role to chemico-physical properties such as purity, hardness, reactivity or magnetism.

Our technical oxides are used in a number of diverse applications including toners for laser printers and copiers, in water treatment and biogas desulfurization, in batteries, brake pads and air bags as well as in refractory products and ceramic pigments.

The Global Competence Center Specialties supports our customers with the optimization of their technical oxides and the resolution of spe-TECHNICAL OXIDES cific issues. The Center works with LANXESS Research to develop tailored oxides satisfying the specific needs of individual customers, and new areas of application are developed in close collaboration with partner companies.

Each year, we develop solutions together with our partners worldwide in which our pigments help users to develop their products optimally for their end markets. This would not be possible without a network of experts at LANXESS that understand and speak the customer’s language.

Besides technical markets, staff at the Global Competence Center Specialties support areas of application for color pigments with special requirements, such as decorative cosmetics, the production of colored mulch and the coloration of fertilizers.

Costumer Service Element

  • Testing of physical and chemical properties of pigments and oxides
  • Characterization and analysis of toners
  • Evaluation of adsorber media for water purification
  • Formulation recommendations
  • Metering recommendations for desulfurization products
  • Color matching for specialty applications
  • Development of solutions to processing problems
  • Field tests


Waste Water Treatment

Iron oxides to purify waste water


Toners for Copiers and Laser Printers


Innovative iron oxides for the production of lithium-iron-phosphate for use in rechargable batteries