Colorful appeal with sand-lime bricks

The visual appeal of fairfaced brickwork is enhanced by the use of color

Sand-lime bricks, which have been produced since the turn of the last century, have become a very popular building material in many parts of the world. As far as Europe is concerned, it is mainly in Germany, The Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden that large quantities of sand-lime bricks are being produced. Assuming an appropriate quality is selected, sand-lime bricks are highly suitable for use in fair-faced masonry. Apart from solid sand-lime bricks with a smooth surface, split blocks with a quarry-stone face are also frequently used to create architectural interest. The effect can be further enhanced by the possibility of using colored sand-lime bricks. Suitable synthetic color pigments are available for this purpose and can be used to give the bricks a pleasant and permanent color.

Permanent coloring of sand-lime bricks can only be achieved if the whole sand-lime mass is colored with suitable pigments. Coloring of the surface by a coating, in whatever form, cannot replace the durability of integral coloring. In addition, a coating would mask the characteristic structure of the sand-lime brick. Suitable pigments must be alkali resistant, light and weather stable and able to withstand the curing temperatures of the manufacturing process. Selected products from the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® ranges meet all of these criteria. In addition to the Colortherm® green pigments, Bayferrox® reds and yellows are suitable for the coloration of sand-lime bricks. LANXESS also offers special heat stable products which can be used in this application.

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