Esthetic coloring of interior walls

Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments offer a wide variety of color shades for attractive painting of interior walls

In comparison to emulsion paints for exterior walls, the requirements with respect to weather stability are of lower importance for the painting of interior walls. However, light fastness plays a decisive role since interior walls might also be exposed to intense sunlight.. LANXESS pigments, marketed under the product brands Bayferrox® und Colortherm®, are light- and colorfast. Long-term color retention is assured. In addition, due to the high covering power of LANXESS pigments, the desired color shade can be achieved with the first coat of paint, provided the right amount of pigment is included. 

All emulsion paints basically deploy water as the "solvent". Depending on the binder, only a small  amount of a coalescing agent is needed. 

Today, there are also some paint systems that do not need any coalescing agent. Hence, they have a neutral odor and are environmentally friendly. They can be applied to nearly all mineral substrates.

Apart from the quality requirements of the product itself, esthetics play an important role in the design of living space and coloring of interior walls. Often pastel colors are favored. The Bayferrox® and Colortherm® product portfolio provides a wide color range of Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Greens, Browns and Blacks. In between these colors many additional shades are possible.

The Global Competence Center Paint will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to this field of application or to provide further information about LANXESS pigments.