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  • Rosenplatz, Osnabrück, Germany

    They are a phenomenon found in many cities: urban spaces that are now “plazas” in name only. At best the name is reminiscent of the former purpose and value of these places, which today serve only as utilitarian, gray traffic zones. This also was true of “Rosenplatz” or “Rose Plaza” in Osnabrück, Germany.

  • Terra nova, Elsdorf, Germany

    The Forum :terra nova at the north edge of the Hambach Mine, the largest open pit lignite mine in Europe, occupies a unique and powerful place in this bizarre landscape. Like a gigantic stone pressed up from the depths of the earth, the colored exposed-concrete façade reflects the structure and hues of the geological layers of the nearby open pit mine.

  • Alp, Akabane Tokyo, Japan

    The word “environment” describes the relationship between an object and its surroundings, and it is the overarching concept behind Alp, an apartment building designed by Akihisa Hirata in Akabane, Tokyo.

  • Daum Kakao Space.1, Jeju Island, South Korea

    A futuristic form of Nature. Virtuality has seldom found such structural expression as in the case of Daum Kakao Space.1, where the concept of a Data Highway has been applied to architecture in a most spectacular way

  • Eurobruggen, Spijkenisse, Netherlands

    Modeled on bank notes. Applied art – there is hardly a more fitting term to describe the ambitious Eurobruggen project from the pen of graphic designer Robin Stam.

  • Praça das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil

    Old and new in perfect symbiosis. The Praça das Artes project in São Paulo launched in 2009 was intended to be a delicate yet bold action.

  • Plaza de Libertad and Alianza Francesa, Colombia

    Located in the center of Medellin, is an architectural monument. Plaza de la Libertad is an imposing building complex. The structures of the two towers, which rise to a height of 24- and 17-story towers, respectively, deliberately evoke associations with trees and...

  • Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, Portugal

    Museum, art and landscape as a coherent entity. The pyramidal shapes of the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego in Cascais, Portugal, on the coast of Estoril, are what make the museum unique in its architecture.

  • Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Krakow, Poland

    A cultural building on a historic site. On the former Rakowice-Czyzyny airfield near Krakow, a place steeped in history, a team of architects – Pysall.Ruge Architekten with Bartlomiej Kisielewski – have built one of the world‘s largest aviation museums. The building...

  • Ciutat de la Justícia, Barcelona, Spain

    The Ciutat de la Justícia (City of Justice) towers like a giant over Barcelona’s Gran Via: Nine buildings with up to 14 stories across 230,000 square meters.  The buildings, which fit together to form a cohesive, large-format sculpture, include courtrooms,...


  • Akihisa Hirata wins Colored Concrete Works Award...

    Akihisa Hirata wins Colored Concrete Works Award 2015

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS presented its second Colored Concrete Works Award on February 26, 2015, in Berlin to an architect who has set new standards in the use of colored concrete. This year’s award went to Akihisa Hirata for his design of the Alp apartment complex in Akabane-Nishi, Tokyo, Japan.

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