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Colortherm® Green GN-Z is a heat stable chromium oxide green pigment. This special pigment has been specifically developed for the cosmetic industry. In the production process of the Z-Grades LANXESS uses only selected raw materials with high purity. Since the product is directly in contact with human skin, certain legal requirements have to be fulfilled and a high level of skin tolerance has to be ensured. The Z-Grades of the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® product lines are subject to certain test procedures and fulfill high dermatological standards. The product exhibits good dispersibility, even in processes which have short dwell times and relatively low shear forces. It is easy to break down and distribute to reach its final tinting strength quickly. It does not migrate and is very lightfast and weather stable. The pigment belongs to the Colortherm® product range that has been developed particularly for applications where high heat stability is required. Like all LANXESS Colortherm® Green pigments, this product is characterized by very low chrome (VI) content.

Molecular Formula: Cr2O3
Product Group: Color Pigments
Color: Green
Delivery Form:
  • Powder
  • Cosmetics
  • Decorative Cosmetics
Molar weight: 152
Color Index: 77288
REACH: 01-2119433951-39-0000
CAS (CAS Number): 001308-38-9
Packaging Format:

The product is available in sacks or bulk bags. For further information please contact our representative in your country or send an enquiry by e-mail to:

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