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An initiative for more color in architecture PDF, 4 MB
Bayoxide® E 16 Biogas PDF, 937 KB
Bayoxide® E B Electric Mobility PDF, 1 MB
Bayoxide® E Toner PDF, 2 MB
Coloring of asphalt PDF, 3 MB
Coloring of Concrete PDF, 5 MB
Cosmetics PDF, 402 KB
Efflorescence on concrete PDF, 2 MB
Global Competence Centers Brochure PDF, 3 MB
Image brochure PDF, 3 MB
Sustainability – a matter of principle PDF, 3 MB
Wood-Plastic Composites PDF, 2 MB
Yellow Pigments for the Coatings Industry PDF, 1 MB


Certificate 50001 / LANXESS PDF, 939 KB
Green Plant Certificate PDF, 505 KB
Product Carbon Footprint PDF, 350 KB


Global Shadecard Construction PDF, 896 KB
Global Shadecard Paint PDF, 617 KB
Global Shadecard Plastic PDF, 719 KB
New Red Shadecard PDF, 344 KB