Iron oxides for water purification

The product line Bayoxide® allows the adsorption of chemicals or other hazardous substances from water.

Bayoxide® E33 is one of the core products at LANXESS for water treatment and purification. It is applied in a large variety of applications.

Providing pure drinking water is a major problem in many countries. LANXESS makes innovative products that help to solve this problem.

The most common application for Bayoxide® E33, and largest in terms of volume, is the purification of drinking water. The naturally occurring arsenic contaminant in the ground water of many countries is filtered via adsorption, and pure drinking water can be generated.

In industrial waste water streams, process waters and in ground water the occurrence of arsenic may be much higher. Bayoxide® is also a solution for this context. Besides arsenic, other ions like phosphate, antimony, lead, cadmium or vanadium can also be removed.

The Bayoxide® product line is also used to remove phosphate in the purification of aquariums, fish and garden ponds and swimming ponds.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly provide assistance with respect to specific applications or further product information.


Aquariums, Ponds

Clean aquariums and ponds

Drinking Water Treatment

Clean drinking water

Waste Water Treatment

Iron oxides to purify waste water