LANXESS Inorganic Pigments is one of the largest suppliers of pigments for the construction industry.

The high-tinting-strength products from the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® ranges can be used to lend an aesthetic touch to a wide variety of construction materials, including limesand bricks, colored sands, in-situ concrete, concrete goods and even asphalt surfacing.

The color spectrum ranges from yellow to orange, red, brown and green to black. All LANXESS products are characterized by high quality and quality consistency in addition to simple and outstanding processability.

The Technical Service Construction is focused on production methods as well as the formulation and quality assurance of colored concrete materials. It is also involved in the further development of new pigments suitable for use in construction applications. The equipment in the laboratories enables the application technicians to investigate customer queries under realistic conditions. As well as answering
questions on the specific use of pigments, the team is also able to advise on various aspects & influences of concrete technology. Additionally the Technical Service can offer advice on the handling of the products, from their dosing and transport through to mixing technology.

Testing and any required certification of pigment conformity with the requirements of the standards applicable to the respective area of application are also among the services provided by the Technical Service Construction.



Costumer Service Elements

  • Pigment testing according to EN 12878
  • Determination of setting of pigmented cement
  • Strength testing of pigmented concrete
  • Color adjustment, matching and formulation
  • Solutions to processing problems (investigation of causes in practice-relevant systems, e.g. concrete block paver manufacturer, concrete roofing tile machine, asphalt mixer)
  • Determination of solar reflectance
  • Support with questions regarding automatic pigment metering, e.g. consulting during the planning and installation of a metering unit


Colored Paving Stones

Colored paving

Colored Asphalt

Safer traffic via colored asphalt

Colored Facade Elements

Esthetics and color for facades