Paints and Coatings

The high-tinting-strength products of the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® high performance ranges can be used virtually universally in the paints and coatings sector.

On account of their outstanding dispersion properties, systems of a very high pigment concentration are possible. For certain applications (e.g. coil- and powder coatings) we offer special grades from the Colortherm®- und Bayferrox®-range.

The Technical Service Paints & Coatings is the central contact for all questions associated with Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments in coating applications.

The specialists at LANXESS provide tips for optimal pigment selection and help developing tailored solutions for processing in a variety of coating systems. Here, not only the pigment characteristics but also the potential mutual reaction with other formulation components are considered. The range of services also includes starting formulations for pigment mixtures to obtain specific shades (color matching).

Should processing problems occur, the experts at the Technical Service Paints & Coatings help to investigate the causes and to present corrective solutions. The team also helps with the pigment conformity testing, e.g. in the event of color and coating-specific complaints.



Dispersibility Testing for Bayferrox® Pigments

LANXESS is able to provide dispersibility testing when using iron or chromium oxide pigments due to its extensively equipped laboratories.  Watch our new tutorial movie and learn how our technical experts analyze which pigment type is best suited to the customer-specific system requirements.

Viscosity Testing for Bayferrox® Pigments

Bayferrox iron oxide pigments can positively affect the shear viscosity adjustment of a coatings system. Watch our new tutorial movie and learn how our technical experts  provide technical support in the optimization of paint and coatings formulations in order to achieve the desired viscosity behavior.

Color Matching for Bayferrox® Pigments

Color matching is one of the services provided by LANXESS. Watch the new movie series to learn how our pigment experts develop precise formulas, or give a certain pigment recommendation for a desired color shade based on iron and chromium oxide and pigments.

Costumer Service Elements

  • Dispersibility testing in various coating systems
  • Measurement of color values
  • Measurement of viscosity according to various methods
  • Determination of zeta potential
  • Recording of the grading curve
  • Determination of sieve residue according to DIN EN ISO 787/7
  • Determination of the oil absorption according to DIN EN ISO 787/5
  • Measurement of the specific surface area via gas adsorption according to BET
  • Determination of the pH of the aqueous extract
  • Measurement of the electrical conductivity of the aqueous extract


Industrial Coatings

A wide variety of industrial coatings

Decorative Paints

Brilliant gloss for both interiors and exteriors