Bayferrox® pigments from LANXESS have long been the benchmark in the paper industry for high quality.

Products for the paper industry are marked with the ‘Tested paper quality’ seal.

The staff at the Technical Service Color Specialties monitor market trends and are in close contact with our customers. They analyze their needs and requirements, and provide the impetus for the development of new products. Our Technical Service Color Specialties is realistically equipped for the production of colored papers and laminate samples, which are subjected to a comprehensive series of tests following preparation. It provides support with the development of formulations and color matching, the resolution of metering and bulk handling issues, analytical questions and customer-specific problems.

The analysis of pigment properties in laminate begins with the preparation of a test paper, which is then impregnated and pressed. The pressed decorative layer produced then undergoes the required tests.

As well as the traditional applications of Plastics & Paper the Technical Service Color Specialties offers products for applications with very specific requirements e.g. decorative cosmetics, coloration of seeds and fertilizers.

Customer Service Elements

  • Colorimetric analysis of laminate samples
  • Measurement of light stability
  • Pressing temperature stability
  • Dispersibility testing
  • Measurement of foaming
  • Water vapor resistance testing
  • Reshapeability testing



Inorganic pigments for laminate paper

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