Color Specialties - Plastics

The pigments used for coloring plastics must satisfy a number of exacting requirements.

Applications range from packaging materials, tubes and connecting elements in the construction industry,
cockpits and synthetic leather in the automotive industry, synthetic materials in the electronics and electrical industry, artificial turf and synthetic running surfaces on sports fields to artificial wood.

Given the short dwell times and relatively low shear forces in the processing equipment, the pigments must have good dispersibility, i.e. they must be easy to disperse to rapidly reach their final tinting strength. They must also have high thermal stability, must not migrate and their lightfastness and weather stability should be adequate for the intended application.

With the Colortherm® brand, LANXESS has for decades offered a range of products developed specifically for the plastics industry that satisfies these demands.

The Technical Service Color Specialties supports our customers with the development of formulations and the resolution of specific issues.

The laboratory is very well equipped with single and twin-screw extruders, injection molding machines, rollers, blown- and flat-film lines as well as a hot press, allowing the behavior of pigments in plastics to be investigated under realistic conditions.



Customer Service Elements

  • Coloristics in plastics in flexible PVC / in extruded thermoplastics / in PVC paste
  • Measurement of thermal stability / injection molding / kneader test / heating cabinet
  • Dispersibility testing / pressure filter test / calender test in flexible PVC / blown- and flat-film test / extruder test
  • Light and weather stability testing


Plastic Coatings

Color coatings for all kinds of plastic

Artifical Turf

Rich green for sports and recreation