Brilliant gloss for both interiors and exteriors

Special “low silking” pigments of the Bayferrox® product line enable a homogeneous paint finish without visible brush strokes

Nowadays, trade paints are available not only as solvent-based formulations but also as water-based paints of comparable quality. Because they have outstanding flow properties and are easy to apply, they are of interest not only to painters and decorators but also to do-it-yourself enthusiasts. They are ideal for coating surfaces and produce a long lasting, brilliant gloss for both interiors and exteriors.

Trade paints can be formulated in a broad spectrum of colors through the addition of LANXESS inorganic color pigments. Established products such as the Bayferrox® or Colortherm® product lines can be used to achieve an intense color effect. Because of their excellent light fastness and weather stability, as well as their outstanding covering power, they are both durable and reliable.

Besides the broad portfolio of color shades for decorative paints, LANXESS has also developed special products for this field of application. For example, the product Bayferrox® 915, a so called “low silking” pigment. In contrast to conventional needle-shaped iron oxide yellow pigments, this pigment has an almost spherical structure. Thereby, the individual pigment particles can not adjust themselves in a certain direction and differences in color shade are avoided. Apart from that, the almost spherical structure imparts a lower viscosity in the paint system compared to normal iron oxide yellow pigments.

The Global Competence Center Paint will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to this field of application or to provide further information about LANXESS pigments.