Clean drinking water


In many countries, the concentration of arsenic that occurs naturally in groundwater is too high for safe consumption. With the Bayoxide® E 33 product line, LANXESS is developing innovative products that are being used to purify drinking water around the globe.

Bayoxide® E 33 is used in granular form in a continuous fixed bed process. Water can thus be purified to the frequently prescribed limit of less than 10 ppb arsenic. The outstanding adsorption capacity of Bayoxide® E products means that the filter has a very long service life

All products in the Bayoxide® E 33 product line have received the globally recognized NSF Standard certification and meet the requirements of DIN EN 15029:2013. In addition to arsenic, Bayoxide® E 33 products also remove other impurities such as phosphate, antimony, lead, cadmium and vanadium.

Products for treating and purifying water are marketed by the LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit.

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