Colored Floorings

High-Perfomance and High Performance Special Pigments fulfill the higher requirements necessary in the paint and coatings industry


Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments which are specially developed for the paint and coatings industry are also applied in floorings.  Apart from a narrower specification range for color shade and color strength, these High Performance and High Performance Special Pigments are distinguished by high dispersibility. This is achieved by micronization, a very intense milling process which significantly reduces the level of pigment agglomerates. 

Flooring colors are often in red color shades based on iron oxides and green color shades that are produced based on chrome oxides. Apart from these shades a wide variety of additional shades is possible. 

All LANXESS products are distinguished by their high quality. This leads to a quick, easy and safe dispersion for the manufacturer of the paint system. Inorganic pigments are lightfast and weather stable. This ensures a high level of consistency within the paint system. The pigments are manufactured using high-tech, state-of the-art and environmentally friendly processes. All LANXESS pigment production facilities worldwide are ISO certified.

The Global Competence Center Paint will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to this field of application or to provide further information about LANXESS pigments.