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More publicity for colored concrete
Colored Concrete Works® is a LANXESS initiative for more color in architecture which aims to present the versatility and aesthetic properties of concrete colored with Bayferrox® pigments to an interested professional audience.
Colored Concrete Works® is designed as a series of case studies documenting the use of colored concrete in international construction projects. It is accompanied by forums and workshops that provide a platform for architects, construction managers and building companies to exchange ideas and discuss the possibilities of coloring concrete with pigments.


Modern architecture with concrete, but in color.
Concrete became a leading building material in the post-war era. The reason was the versatility it offered architects in terms of shaping, processing and design expression. This was supported by the high cost efficiency of concrete.
However, in the 1970s, concrete architecture acquired something of a negative image which continues today owing to the poor design and poor quality of drab concrete “deserts” built during that period.
Colored Concrete Works® aims to focus attention to the beauty and aesthetic value of concrete: buildings which create a unique harmony with their surroundings which by the use of colored concrete can easily be combined with a variety of other materials, to be eye catching through their own distinctive appearance
Furthermore, Colored Concrete Works® offers architects new possibilities and great design freedom.


Sustainable value with Bayferrox®
Colored concrete offers all who work with it an opportunity to generate new added value. The exceptionally lightfast, heat- and weather-stable products in the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® lines are available in powder, compact pigment and granule form, depending on the application, and therefore can easily be processed into the different types of concrete. Over 100 different shades of the individual colors are available. The colors range through yellows to reds, greens, and browns all the way to black.
All LANXESS products are characterized by a high level of quality and outstanding quality consistency. The use of colored concrete in construction is effective, geared to the future and improves the structural properties of a building.
As a result, its use also achieves a sustainable increase in value. Due to their outstanding durability and fastness, the color of through-colored concrete pigmented with LANXESS Bayferrox® & Colortherm® pigments will not fade over time – they truly provide Color for Life.

More and more architects are discovering colored concrete as a premium building material. Colored Concrete Works® supports this trend with sustainably manufactured products.
Our Global Competence Center Construction naturally provides technical service on issues relating to the use of the products, and for questions of mixing and metering technology.


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