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Bayferrox® 130 C is an iron oxide red pigment. The C stands for Compacted pigment. The product is delivered in a granular form, which is nearly dustless and shows good free flowing properties. Bayferrox C can be used in a wide range of applications and has a good price/performance ratio. The product properties of this delivery form were designed especially for coloring of concrete materials. The production of Bayferrox C is based on the well known Bayferrox pigments which show high tinting strength, light fastness and excellent weather stability. As a result of the manufacturing process (Laux-process), which  includes a high temperature calcining step, the pigment has a higher intrinsic hardness than other precipitated pigments. It is very resistant to color change during high energy dispersion processes.

Molecular Formula: Fe2O3
Product Group: Color Pigments
Color: Red
Delivery Form:
  • Compacted Pigment
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete Masonry Blocks
  • Concrete Roofing Tiles
  • Construction
  • Construction material
  • Facade Elements
  • Fibre Cement
  • In Situ Concrete
  • Noise Barriers
  • Paving Stones
  • Sand-lime Bricks
  • Screed
Molar weight: 159.7
Color Index: 77491
REACH: 01-2119457614-35-0000
CAS (CAS Number): 1309-37-1
Packaging Format:

Grades are delivered in different packaging materials. Please ask your local contact about the packaging for the grade in question

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