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BAYFERROX® 920 Z Paper

Bayferrox® 920 Z Paper is an iron oxide yellow pigment. It has been specially developed for the coloration of paper for cigarette tips. For this application LANXESS provides specially tested product types, the so called Z-Grades. Since, in this case, the paper is directly in contact with human skin, certain legal requirements have to be fulfilled and a high level of skin tolerance has to be ensured. The product is tested and packed in water recyclable bags. The closed bags can be directly added to the pulper. In this way, dust during the production process can be avoided. Pallets are marked with the quality label "Tested Paper quality".
Molecular Formula: FeO(OH)
Product Group: Color Pigments
Color: Yellow
Delivery Form:
  • Powder
  • Cigarette Tips
  • Paper Manufacture
  • Paper industry
Molar weight: 89
Color Index: 77492
REACH: 01-2119457554-33-0000
CAS (CAS Number): 51274-00-1
Packaging Format:

Grades are delivered in different packaging materials. Please ask your local contact about the packaging for the grade in question or send an enquiry mailto:

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